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Hello all,

Thank you for your stories, essays and poems, we have been delighted to read all of them.

The voting has ended today, please keep visiting this page for the announcement of the winners on 1st July 2021 and also visit us on our main page for more content and useful information:

A heartfelt thank you

TogetherintheUK thanks everyone who has taken part in our Storytelling competition, both by posting entries, by voting or taking on the very difficult role of judge.

The entries have been full of insight and very moving. We have understood even more than we did before the challenges of creating a life in a new country – we have read about the pain of leaving one culture and the effort it takes to understand a new way of doing things. We have read that sometimes there can be humour and enjoyment and we know that it always takes resilience. We know the difference it can make if people from the host country reach out and we hope that the competition will enable us all to understand each other a little more and to make more connections.

It’s a competition so there will be winners and we wish everyone could be a winner but then it wouldn’t be a competition. The next stage is that the top ten entries in each category will go to the judges and they will decide on the top three. We will then announce the winners on 1st July 2021. We hope this will be in the evening at Union Chapel in London. (depending on Covid restrictions at the time, it will be socially distanced). And then, we will organise the prizes.

Following on from the announcement, TogetherintheUK will be exploring different options for publishing the top entries.

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