Solstice at Stonehenge

by Bruno

They all came to the circle of stones

To celebrate the summer. After sunset,

The goat drums start and incite

A frenzy of hooves and horns, dancing

Snakes crawling up your spine.


A fire burns in every heart. Chants,

Screams  and sighs calling him closer

And by midnight he is there smiling.

The Horned God dances with the moon.


Almost unseen... But some whispers

His many names, on many tongues.

Desires, like flames, moving endlessly.

Eyes in the dark, spirit animals and love.


The stones seem to gather all this energy

Moving in the darkness, like forever before,

Showing the faces of forgotten heroes,

Shaping green dragons, forlorn griffins,

Demons of purple and glittering pink unicorns.

A tower under the sky made of meteorites.


The small hours bring the first lights

Painting nightmares of old and young dreams

Even more colorful until rock is just rock

And everyone, only themselves...


The sun rises simply but miraculously,

Pouring holy fire over the horizon

And into our eyes and soul. A new day

Bringing the promises of a life's harvest.


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