How one woman changed my life

by Bryan

My name is Bryan and I'm 14 years old living in the United Kingdom  . My parents moved to the United Kingdom  in about 2003 and they told me life was very difficult for them but over the years they adjusted to how different live was in Africa compared to the United Kingdom.   One special day a friend of friend met my mother and her name was Prunella. I don't remember the events that occurred to my mum meeting her but I do know that day changed me forever . When I was about 5 years old I wasn't very athletic and couldn't even catch a throw or even throw a ball . So Prunella suggested that I do a sports course for a week to enhance my basic skills with catching and throwing. I reluctantly agreed and she payed for it . I remember going through a transformation were I was improving in my sports skills . I think I didn't thank her then but now it was probably the best course I have ever done in my life .  But then there was obviously a problem , I had these skills but I had nothing to do with them . So it was a cold day and I saw these big boys playing football and I was intrigued because I wanted to play with them as well and I asked Prunella if I could join in . 5  minuets later I found myself playing with these massive boys . That is the day my 'football career' started and over the next 5 years ever every Saturday I went training and if it wasn't for her dedication to take me there I don't know where I would be now . In addition she actually had the idea that my sister and I come and stay with her for a couple a days at a time . Does stays are the some of the highlights of the year . 


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