New Home

by Loraine

Beginning of 2016 it was

Here I was in a new place
I did not know anyone 
and boy, did not know what to expect 
My housemate, who is kind and caring  
showed me everywhere  
where to get food, clothes and refugee meetings 
A lot has since happened  
I passed my GCSE, 
"You are the most Focussed student
out of them all"  
Said my happy tutor.
I have since shared the stage  
with the not so popular Labour leader  
where I gave my speech 
"We as migrants are so unpopular"  
My new home   
is a community of amazing people 
who have embraced and accepted me 
which makes me proud and happy  
Moving to my new home 
has made me appreciate my privileges 
I can speak English, where others don't 
I can speak for myself where others don't  
Moving to my new home 
has made me understand the world 
has made me open to the world and 
has made the world open to me too.


7 Months
Since posted

Finished since 79 days, 18 hours and 25 minutes.