Short story - Black Student (Kalu Sisuwiya)

by Hema Siriwardhana Ayupala

It was Indumali, who was watching outside the ward of the hospital. 


Indumali was suffering herself for nearly one month due to some disease of her throat. The final decision of the doctor who examined her was that she should get herself cured; she should take a complete rest.


The doctor who examined her finally explained to her the best solution is that she should get herself warded at the hospital and to take treatment. Without any hesitation, Indumali agreed to that. Indumali was serving as a special music professor in a reputed school in Colombo.


The popularity and the special grading of the school was a reason for her limited rest. All the five days of the week Idumali was surrounded by the students who were trained in the music field. Idumali was solely engaged by exhausting herself to send the students to different types of welcoming festivals and competitions.


This was a known fact to the principal of the school including the staff but they became dumb even to give her a small praise and appreciation. It may be due to their innocence. Anyway unnecessarily exhausting her throat


led a way towards another issue of taking medical treatment. She was on the fifth bed ofa ward allotted forfemales in a governmenthospital. On both sidesof her bed, there were two young women althoughit was a fact that sheshould limit her speechthe two women nevercared even for a singlecent.


They kedunending questions fromIndumali. As she cannotgive answers to neverending questions,Idumali very often triedto sleep. Although shewas not feeling sleepy,she would close her eyesand stay on the bedfacing upwards. Indumaliwas partially awake at 5pm and 12 pm. She waswaiting to welcome herpeople coming from herhome and her friends andrelations.


At one time,she was thinking that itwas the happiest timeshe spent in thehospital. More thananything, to meet herhusband during that hourwas the most adorabletime for her. He was sroking her head veryslowly and just beforeleaving her, willcarefully look aroundhere and there. Whenevery body leaves, hekisses Indumalisforehead and neck andlike a little one whowere caught for somemischief and bends downhis head to the groundand leaves that place.Idumali who loves thatbeautiful moment triesher best to hide it inher mind and heartduring the twenty-fourhours of the day tryingto enjoy the goldenmemories of it. Another long day she spent in the hospital ward, the afternoon arrived, and Indumali was watching the distance visible from the gate of the ward. Suddenly Indumali saw Sudarka's body was moving towards her very fast. Quickly he stopped near Indumali's hand with full of emotion with love and kindness. "So how are you? Today you are much better". By holding her hand lightly,


Sudarka questioned her. "Yes I am much better when you come to see me. I feel very good." Idumali got herself pet like a child in front of Sudarka. "Now now, you are telling lies here after if you tell lies, I am not going to give you any presents that I brought." "Presents?" "Yes Presents". "What is that?" "They are books" "Yes your `Best Friends` books right?" "Ahh! It's real." "Brand new books I think some beautiful novels." "Yes some translations, near the book shop I thought of you, so take them." "Very good, you encourage me on all what I read and write. So like that to help me to read books is the duty of my best supporter." "Ah! Now it is enough, have your meals. In a little while, a big crowd from your school will come and fill this place. Then I have no place." "Why you feel jealous?" "Oh no I feel sorry for those little ones." Then their friendly conversation stopped. Indumali's father with a bowl of soup and a bunch of kolikuttu plantains in his hands came and stopped near the bed. Indumali saw a drop of tears in his eyes. Sudarka let father and daughter to share their sorrow and stayed away from the bed. "I don' have a big sickness. I will be okay soon, you don' feel sad father." Indumali uttered slowly with a stammering voice. Indumali's father very slowly stroked her head. As the visiting hours to see the patients were over the ward were very quiet, the sky became dark and the whole background was still. There were beautiful small flowerpots on the short wall of the ward. It was Sathya who was there and she was taking care of them each morning. Sathya was the head nurse who was in charge of the ward. 


By putting down all her efforts all, the pots were rolled on the ground. There were signs of a big rain.

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