by Narjes Azimi


I am the girl, who vanished in the murky border,

In short biography of the happy girl, by Narjes Azimi

with the story of my brother in the darkest war ever,

Hi Banksy, I heard a lot about you!

Maybe you saw us over there,

With those shrewd eyes, you have,

How pretty you painted us, our misery!

You canceled it, how did you know?

Our dreams are no more exist,

Man, you how we feel!

Your eyes watching us wisely

How our souls evaporate in that gloomy night?

How our little hands could just cut our own skin, not a barbed wire?

Thanks for painting us,

Thanks for thinking about us,

Thanks for watching us,

Our paper tops were our only property,

We ornamented the barbed wire,

The trees another side the border calling us

With their ripe apples waving us

Oh, again apples, apple tree,

Even now, even for children, even in war,

Apples seduced us again,

We took them with our red hands

And they took us bloody handed

In the cold autumn, our heart gone with the breeze.

Paper tops were remained in rustling leaves,

Without spinning again.

Narjes Azimi

6 Months
Since posted

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