Migrating to the UK

by Sumia

For me it’s a great luck that I have got a visa and I was able to migrate to UK.

Firstly, I want to make  everybody familiar about my childhood. I was very shy,  feeble  and highly sensitive person. I never took stand for my rights no matter how many injustices I have gone through. But as I was growing up with lots of grievances and experiencing so  much negligence i was taught a very great and important lesson: if you don’t take stand for yourself than don’t expect it from anybody else.

After that I have tried to become as strong as I could, I have learnt to speak not for only my own sake but for that of all Baloch community, especially for hundreds of Baloch women who can’t speak up for their rights.

The UK is a democratic country it gives you all your rights no matter from where you are and who you are. After coming to UK,  I got stronger than before because I have got all my freedom to do anything. Now I can speak up for me and for my nation. I can freely introduce myself anywhere as who I am, I feel more secure in this country and most important thing is that I can choose any field of work and studies.



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