Fighting with my conscience

by Althia

where I am from is bright and sunny,

I have an intention...the intention to go somewhere far,

But am fighting with my conscience, I have no money.

The idea keeps nagging and nagging in my head,

Oh my God , my children need schooling...I know, I know! They must be fed.

I do not know how long the journey will take my children are  left with, older siblings and

My family with he task all for love's sake.

I want to turn back when I see the big shiny bird...

but he feeling of trepidation would not allow me to utter a word.

Hoping against hope, I continue with my journey,

As the desire of new life in a new world beckons the thought of earning money.

I get to the end and begin to weep...

I weep for my children and for my life, when darkness falls and the night is silent,

I put my head down and  I cannot go to sleep.

The thoughts of my homeland and love filled years of what I left behind,

The effortless tears flood my eyes and I m filled with fears.

All these thoughts keeps going around and around in my  mind,

Not knowing if what I came in search of I'll ever find.




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