Even rain has an identity

by Morshed
Even rain has an identity By Morshed Akhtar   It was raining this morning early morning- very early and wakes me up in this morning, the morning rains. Tap on the window with a piece of sound It’s not making a classical note of the Bilabol, Voirobee, not even the Jhumoor* -         that I know for long. Still I'm early in the morning. It wakes me up before I wake up than usual. It keeps me awake and …and doesn’t let me go back to sleep. Cannot go back to sleep even I tried hard.   I have yet to get to know this foreign rain. Hah! Foreign rain! Remains unknown! So, this rain remains foreign to me with a strong identity. So, even rains have any identity, do they? What is My identity then, in this land?   But does the rain also have a race? Which race do I belong to! Do they have a citizen format?   I don’t know, I lost my understanding. I'm so worried.  I still stay awake, wet – wet inside I am in this land for long, and they still say, it’s not mine! It's raining! Am I a stranger,  yet untuned! Still!   Notes: * Bilawal, Voirobee, Jhomoor are raga and the basis for the eponymous musical mode in Indian classical music


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