The Trauma’s Jump

by Prosper

I did it

What did you do?

I wore the mask

I washed my hands every 20 seconds a day

I maintained social distance as guidance’s said

But you still there

You’re everywhere and You still killing,

You killed family’s members of my friends, 

In our Care-homes you still kill our grandparents,

In our streets, you still kill our drivers,

In our society, you still killing our famous artists, and Models,

Who are you?

Who do you look for?

What do you want?

Where do you go?

The Lockdown is you,

The closing of Pubs, Cinema, Restaurants it’s also you

But I believe that Tomorrow will be better. 

We will be proud again 

Proud to go back at work

Proud to go back at swimming, 

Proud to visit our museums again

Proud to go back at cinema, Nightclub as well 

Proud to go back at school, College or University

Proud to enjoyed food with friends at Restaurants,

Proud to organise party together again

Proud to travel anywhere, anyplace and anytime,

Proud to enjoy Spring Winter, Summer and Autumn,

Proud to text or call friends, parents, and not be scare that something was happened,

Get out of UK!


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