Survivor’s plea

by Michael

Survivor’s plea 



Picture your average victim of torture,

Appears confident, purposeful and 


but mask by pain and treachery. 

Beneath the surface (which is in itself 

another journey) 

You will find a broken, lost 

and fragile individual on the verge 

of giving up.


In suffering, I hide those voices that cry in pain

The agonising pain was 

gold dust in the hands of the Gods 

of torment,

In his long reach, my life was


in his presence my destiny 



I dreamt I was amongst the ones

That drowned till death. 

I tried to halt my breath even though the truth couldn’t unravel me after death

For once in my life, I was scared of death

 I pleaded, give me death but don’t 

Just put me in the fire with rest.

They replied the nights still young, so confront your death.

In death, I scuffle my despondent pain, 

to confront this romantic euthanasia strain

Though It awakes my heart but delights it With esoteric pain.


This same flower that smiles today,

Now dying in shame 

A sorrowful song of death playing in the background hoping 

For the living to listen to the call 

Of agony.

Singing by the darkened clouds,

dying by the moonlight rise

Changing from the gloomy night 

to a morning rise.

little gentle music singing,

Shadows on shadows Whilst dancing 

and smiling to the bliss of dying


From the home of the struggling 

and suffering, 

The pain seems so glistening though 

It’s devouring 

Out in a world of death, far from

The mellow springs of life so pouring.

underneath the sun and the moon, 

Life is still nursing.

underneath the dusk and the day;

Life is still changing.

Underneath the glimmering of stars and the grandeur of the sunsets;

Hope is rising.

I trust the world won\'t see me crying,

Even though I’m dying 


I\'m dying! I\'m dying 

fear of slowly dying has consumed 

My will of living 

I won\'t waste today chance of living 

Just to crying, reaching, and dying.

I\'m tired of trying, I want to experience some living, enough of the dying.

No more dying. No more fighting.

Bullets of fear are flying, 

whilst dreams are dying.


See the tears of the angels looking down on me crying

Life is falling away from my grasp but still fighting.

Gone through living just for dying

Gone through laughing just for living

Gone through living just for crying.

Waiting for the sun, a chance at a new day Worth living 


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