by Michael N



You say I’m uncivilised because I chose to protect that which seem so commonly uncommon

What a treasured pursuit in a strange escape, old culture dying miserably 

Murdered by the introduction of a new culture, created by those who are afraid to be insecurely secure


Amid this new age

Only the uncivilised can civilise the uncircumcised 

Morale depletion has instilled 

reductionist and materialist debouch,

champion by a new culture 

That is seen  as an invitation to feel our way in the ruinous perception of a Machiavellian mind

unscrupulously dangerous as self-exaltation Is celebrated, 

unravelling times solemnise the failure of a civilised nation and 

2020 can testify to this notion 


Some say this is a mirror that divulges our human imperfection

voices are breaking in silence 

Whilst silence is being broken with voices 

This crumbling narrative is now consumed by some voiceless nation

Where our values are defined by self-promotion

yet, still educatedly uncivilised

imprisoned and Hypnotised by the same Placebo of freedom,

destroyed by madness and starving  nakedness 

victimised, penalised and criticised

By the same culture that promised to

Protect them but now dismissed and despised 


How can we not  question the

the questioner\'s questions?

Everything seemed to act just like a drug.

How can we reimagine ourselves in wold so nakedly Painted with dirt?

 unmasking this moon hidden behind

The mask Is treachery to a masked generation

Where myth and dreams converge.

Rather than a fait accompli assertion 

We can see our fate without its mask.


The uncivilised are 

holding vessel for multiple voices, 

Beauty is it truth, truth is it beauty

In suffering, we lose ourselves to true human values 


life was Complicatedly Distorted

My best was badly reported 

The more I tried sorting things out, 

The more it gets complicated. 

Couldn’t change it, best  leave it unsorted


Trapped and confused in oneself

realising good is not rewarded,

becoming a hazard to oneself is 

emotionally supported,

Thoughts aborted.

mind distorted. 

Crying for help misunderstood 

Best leaving it unsorted.


My story has been miserably reported

Painting pictures of a dark soul craving for Attention 

My good and bad deeds never got recorded.

My mind and thoughts all distorted

I see your lies  already recorded 

Your violence has resorted, 

My knowledge is distorted.

Easily influenced by money, power 

and respect, unfortunately, your care has departed

I pray you to change before disappointed.

In this dead zone, utterly alone

With no alliance sorted.

Twisted, confused and contorted, 

Life couldn’t be fair, a gem gets aborted

A murderer is born, evil gets rewarded

This puzzle is disturbingly distorted

Though my salvations worth more than gold, yet can’t be rewarded. 

We took things  for granted,

Now our dreams are hunted,

Confronted by the same false emotions, we took for granted.

You  had everything you ever wanted

The freer it was,  the more you took it for granted

don\'t be sad cause you\'ve got what you ever wanted 

Don\'t feel bad or be disappointed

Standing stuffed like a soldier undaunted

Never cared, never wanted,

 why are you so disappointed? 


Haunted, taunted, that’s what you\'ve

 always wanted

The hunter now becomes the hunted

And here comes the dark darkness you always wanted

Temptation took over it And now you’re haunted

you set yourself apart, No fingers need be pointed


In a mile of blue lights, guns are  pointed, 

toward the enemy within most wanted,

You were always confronted 

though You took it for granted.

My bad rhymes were ungracefully plotted, 

to suit the haters most wanted

Now secluded, guilty and remorsefully Disappointed

Michael N

5 Months
Since posted

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