Immigrants Blues

by M.Ndoun



Immigration Blues


They say I’m dirty and drain from a shit hole nation

This dirty drain is now a pain to a whole nation.

Dark skin circumcised by a predator with a skin colour notion

Dark skin right sin, white skin right 


The humiliation continues to define the manuscript of my identity in slow motion 

wrapped up in a pathetic portion. 

Self-mutilation has now become my daily portion

Understanding my  redemption can only be acquired if I stop seeking liberation. 

What a sad light unfading to a migrant constant confession


The shadows of my sorrow yearn for a better tomorrow with less commotion.

My melanin dictates whether I’m an immigrant or an expatriate in a land with more human 

right motion

This couldn’t be corruption but a correction to a defect that could falsify a White skin  nation

They say I’m supposed to have thick skin,

I’m supposed to lay down and die because of my skin colour repulsion 

So I started Shedding off the layer of my skin,

Keeping one step ahead of the prosecutor 



This is no imagination or predestination,

my skill is now defined by the uncoloured skin nation

We’ll rise to fight this discrimination,


Our ancestors paid the price with a change to keep for my dark skin election.

So Marginalised just to see your civilisations.

You say my skin tone is not aesthetics enough,

So requires no recommendation 

Your civil right is bad with no contrition


Machiavelli was  your plan to dethrone the civilisation of a black nation,

To kill a dog, you had to accuse him

of having rabies from a dark skin nation.

This is from a nation with a human heart,

That changes like a chameleon with no consideration.

With a  human mind that is full of 

Extreme Intellect of terror and delusion,

With a human mouth that has the tongue of torture  with brutal incisions 


This Dark skin species couldn’t be the 

Smartest of all 

delineated as domestic animals, 

bred in cages to feed, to work, to please, 

To Comfort and to ease, the pain of a 

stainless nation

Dark skin with no nation

Her master Prejudice couldn’t be hidden, 

Her Arrogance for her skin colour 

Couldn’t be missing 


Couldn’t be tamed, now left to the range and roam  the planet 

In search of a confiscated destiny,

This is mutiny, 

how can I be blamed by the blamed for the blame they enflamed?  

How can I be shamed by the shamed for the game they framed?

Ironically I’m Free as a bird riding 
on the back of wind-assisted shame,

floating down the stream of blame

To proclaim my liberty in shame


Your dark  is evil, and Your evil is black 

My pigment makes a white nation

Clinch to her purse with straight allegations 

take the blinders from your vision,

So you can see the power of segregation.

Take the padding from your ears,

So you hear the crying of a tearing nation. 
Your equality and I will be free with no questions 
Your equality, and I will be seen with no Impression 


Dark  skin with no passion 

they used their finest duplicity
To mock our nudeness with no inclination

We’ve laughed to shield out crying tears
 Whilst shuffling through our dreams

With great suspicion.
 Accustomed to courage
Was the only way to stir our ship to the 

Right direction 


With blood, sweat, And tears

We paid the price though it wasn’t fair.

Stolen from the cradle of our comfort, 


Weeping for being stripped of our culture, 



Your fantasies are captivated by a wicked soul,

Infatuated with the dark skin melanin.

You fought hard to distort the achievements

 We erected 

And now Our crowning achievement is to dismantle the great tombs you erected


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