by Mika

Time and circumstances

turn the soul of a dreamy natured child into a resilient warrior. 

From a little surprised girl, 

she turned into a person 

who soberly assesses the priorities of life 

and chooses for herself a difficult path to self-affirmation. 


Miss L was naive and dreamy.

Her future was bright. 

But life is cruel. 

She understood this later.


Miss L looks towards the night sky

And hopes her father and mother have a place in heaven.


Life went on.






She believed that one day things will be better again,

 as they were in her childhood days.


Miss L must move to a safer place. 

She cried inside of her heart.


The problem didn’t end when she reached new shores. 

She finds she must continue fighting. 

But she is resolute.


The time is now

She keeps her faith.

Betrayal, suffering, the battles are endless.

They tried to turn her into a monster

but she didn\'t let them break her.

She’d rather be the warrior girl.


She is far away from her hometown. 

But after all her experiences, 

She is still here,

 She is still alive. 

Miss L will fight until the very end.

It is inevitable.



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