In Britain

by Inna
In Britain

Destroying all my plans
My dad sent me a letter.
He said: "pack all your bags,
I bought you a ticket for Christmas. "

The road was long
But the path that lies ahead
Much longer
And I stepped on it fearlessly.

The English I learned
At school, in my country,
Was not the one that I caught
In the conversations of the people around.

New experience, so beautiful!
People, streets, roads and houses.
Everything is alien, I can\'t stand it.
For others, only I am a stranger

I\'ve met people everywhere -
On a walk, in a store, at school.
I found wonderful friends,
But unfortunately, not friends to the grave.

I thought we were going to cross the barrier
Succumbing to a wonderful moment,
But a day passed and a new one came.
Over time, I became a shadow.

From time to time, wonderful landscapes helped me:
Beautiful cathedrals and fields around.
I never could have thought
That in my heart the Ukrainian land.

Carrying my longing through the years
I will walk for many more years.
I\'ll seal my doubts in verse
And with a smile on my face I learn this world.


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