Holland my home

by Mark

When I lived in Holland

I learnt Dutch

I spoke it well

And enjoyed it so much


At school I spoke English

And it was a blast

I was at that school

What felt like forever


I still do remember

What happened day in day out

The teachers who taught me

And friends I hung around


I do wish I could go back there

I consider it a home to me

A place to recall

Long forgotten memories


It\' s true, I\'m English but what does it matter

After eleven years, this is where I grew up

A place with no hills

And food so tasty, it will sweep you off your feet


Holland has its traditions

Just like Saint Nick

He goes by sinterklaas

With his helper zwarte piet


Sinterklass rode a horse pure white in colour

And during the night zwarete Piet comes down

Everyone\'s chimneys in all of the houses laying gifts of plenty in clogs or shoes


It\'s truer than ever just how much I retain

All the stuff I remember rattling in my brain

The mouthwatering confectionary

Yes, I still recall the food and the drink

Holland is my home and the place I grew up.


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