My experience of third and first world education

by Abdulia

I attended the Prince of Wales school in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  It was named after his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, after he established it on April 6th, 1925.  It was one of the few schools which had science lab in the country. I started attending the school on September 14th, 2011.  It is an all-boys school which is divided into two shifts, morning for the junior school which is form one to three and afternoon shift for the senior secondary school, which is form four to six.  The school has a large, spacious and enormous compound for its one thousand, four hundred students.

The school is isolated from the main city and is connected by a bridge.  This was a problem as ninety per cent of the students lived on the other side of the town.  Students had to get commercial transport, through tension and traffic.  Arriving late for school is not an option as you will be severely punished for it.  The teaching was great for a government school, I think this is because most of the staff and teachers were old boys of the school. The school rivals most of the private schools in terms of performance in public exams. Like most schools in Sierra Leone, we also have great rivalry with other schools.  Our main adversary was the Albert Academy school for boys.  We arranged debates and sports competitions amongst schools nationwide, which both schools would either take first or second place.   Every student tried and helped in some way as it gave us pride in doing so.  My experience attending the school was pleasant although it had some bad moments.

In March, 2019, I received a letter that my dad had successfully applied for me to join him in the United Kingdom. I  was overwhelmed with joy!  I said my goodbyes and was off to the UK.  When I safely arrived, my dad said I would start school immediately when school re-opens.  I was surprised when we got to the College, for I expected a big compound, instead it was just a building.  There are two buildings with a little bit of space inbetween, compared to my school back home, it was like one form building.  Surprisingly, I settled down quickly and made friends.   I thought because of the language barrier, it would be difficult.

The distance from my home was far and I thought I was going to have  problems arriving on time.  The school took care of that by helping me with my bus pass application.  There was not any tension for buses.  The teachers were so understanding and kind. Everything was organised and scheduled accordingly.  There were no school monitors who had to ring the bells, assign punishment and check for dress code, all this was relieving.  Every student was personally attended to, unlike my old school where it was hard to get the teachers\' attention.  The college did not have inter-college debate or sports which was disappointing to me. The college gives out school allowance to children which they call bursary.   This is one of my favourite things about college. My experience in the college has been great.

These are my experiences of two types of educational system.  I hope both systems will improve and learn from each other.


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