Musaab's story

by Musaab

I've had a few difficult days in my life since I left my country, but I never gave up. I was still alive. I was in Libya in the most difficult days of torture, threats and exploitation that transformed the cut of the sea from Europe, but I was not lucky. Lucky I arrived in Europe, but the difficulties are still with me, but I felt better security before, but I didn't find stability. I was homeless on the streets, but he knew a better place to get stability where I could get stability, it's the United Kingdom, but I was also in college living a healthy life, but I didn't give up. The woods have no place for me to live in, I've been transformed many times to get here, but eventually I arrived and felt safe and stable. The difficulties I have encountered are experienced by everyone I speak with today.  I try to guide them according to my experience.  The word "merger" is not only a "trend" (shouting) in vogue these days. I have often heard it since I arrived, and it is not a "cliché" (a stereotype).  It is a necessity to understand and study the host country well.  I think it is done most fully by two factors, language and work.  I believe that whoever goes out of certain circumstances and goes to Europe must realize that it is not a dream.  There are chances, but it takes intelligence and perseverance.  I want any young person to know that I set myself a goal and achieved it.  This is always possible.  I also learned that there are obstacles that must be avoided in order to achieve the goal and live a decent life.  Illegal work, aid dependence, and state abuse are things that will not benefit the refugee in the long run.  On the contrary ... exactly ... it may threaten his chance of staying in this country.



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