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by Yousef
  1. I am one of the people who left her country in search of livelihood and tranquility. He dealt with it with complete sincerity and without exaggeration, despite the brutality of the presentation. Let me see to you the story that happened in my country from history about our cruel, rough and disgusting lives that the government and the Janjaweed in Darfur ravaged and let us dive into the paragraph and stay after that  We became homeless in neighboring countries from the homeland. My journey began from North Darfur to Libya. I traveled by car from North Darfur through the desert, which is due to the most difficult days in my life. The trip took with us 21 days. We got a breakdown in the car. We spent 17 days in the desert. We do not have enough water for the day.  300 ml after we arrived in Libya, we have become victims in the world of smuggling. About human smuggling gangs and how people are the cheapest commodity in those operations as people are shipped with animals in miserable means of transport in search of salvation. It also monitors aspects of the exploitation that fleeing refugees are subjected to and how  They are blackmailed by various financial and moral streams, and the matter reaches serious levels of extortion, which may lead to any disposal of them as an excess or wasteful commodity.  Continued


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