The Evil Witches.

by Jojo

1,000 years ago, there lived monstrous witches. These aren't any ordinary witches they are evil, wicked, monstrous, creepy, old witches. The witches are very scary and dangerous be where.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            One day, the witches planned a wicked plan, and this what the plan is they killed one of the humans and made cookies that they were going to give the humans but before they did that. They put the human meat in the cookies because they wanted to kill the humans because the humans want to kill the witches because they always tried to kill them and the human meat was from the human they killed. Then they gave the cookies to them and everyone received one cookie. The humans were very very very sick they couldn't talk, walk and they couldn't get up at all. Eventually, all of the humans died and the witches got the village of the humans.

Finally, as the witches got to the village of the humans they could do whatever they wanted and no one will tell them no. They then decorated al, the buildings and everything in the human's village. Sometimes these witches try to be nicer but they end up being wicked And horrifying.If you see a very creepy, horrifying, spooky, hairy witches be very careful and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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