Princess Atlantic and the three evil mice.

by Jojo

Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Atlantic she is beautiful, kind, generous, gorgeous, and she is very well treated. After her father had died she has been doing everything she can do to help her kingdom.  One day, she went to the forest to see the singing birds and the other animals but then she saw three mice that had red eyes she picked them up and had a closer look but then she saw that there was a spider inside their eyes she tried to take it off but the mice started to get very aggressive. There were about to bite her but she put them on the floor before they could bite her on her hand. She then told people to be very careful when going to the forest. After that, she told her soldiers to come and see the three mice she saw in the forest the soldiers were very scared but some were very brave to see the three mice that had spiders in their eyes the soldiers said that they were evil and that the mice aren't nice like other mice. The Princess was very surprised and said that they should go to a cave so that's  what her soldiers  did and then they lived happily ever after.


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