The magical wand that was lost.

by rehab

One day, there was a king that lost the magical wand that helps him to be a great king for his kingdom but one day he lost it he looked all over the palace but couldn't find anything he couldn't tell anyone in the palace cause then they  will be very rude and well think he is a bad king and he shouldn't be a king. Then the king decided that he was going to go and see the magical wond fairy who might help him find his magical wand he has lost in midnight so noone nows that he will meet her so as he planned he woke up at midnight and quietly creeped down the stairs and hurryed to the door he was going to leave at then he walked down the forest and up then he saw a littke cootage in the middle with a fairy that was holding a wand he said to his self tis might be the wand fairy. So he told her how he lost the magical wand that makes him a great king for his kingdom then the fairy looked at a magical crastal and saw that his wand was on his desk the king was happy and told the wand fairy thank you she was happy that she could help.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Next, the king walked to his palace happily and was a great ki g for his kingdom again with his magical wand 


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