second gen immigrant

by Evelyn

Second gen immigrant

Both parents from afar
born in a country I call home
but doesn’t treat me as its own

My Mother from Uganda
a land once colonised
by where I live now

My Father a German
born and raised
after the second world war
but now an ally of
where I live now

A swirl of
German and Uganda
living in the land
of the former empire

British born and raised
studying for days and days
to get GCSE’s and A-level’s
to be denied a passport four times

Hoping and wishing
for that citizenship
to be naturalised
into a country
I have lived in all my life

The country who’s buses
I get frustrated with
the education system I battled
for what?

To be marginalised
stopped and searched
underrepresented, underpaid,
under helped, underestimated

Hoops to jump
feeling hopeless
I don’t know any other country
if I wasn’t seen as a citizen here
where would I be a citizen of

Both parents are from afar 


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