by Prossy

At first I thought it was a model

A Japanese type of car perhaps

I wondered how a manmade car was killing so many people .....

Then the whole world, starting from Wuhan in China, began shivering....

..... and they named it


And quarantine chronicles started

And people stayed at home and read books

People listened to music...music from the sweet melodies of birds' mouths

People learnt new ways of behaving,

And stopped... and listened deeper and stayed away from each other.


It has been a challenge to meet someone minus a hug

A tight squeeze in one's arm to express affection for another person

Before Corona Virus, hugs were either given as a greeting or a farewell gesture.... in public

or in privacy

A hug increases happy hormone levels 

All my friends, or my most close friends, are assured of a hug whenever we meet


Corona Virus is a hug killer

Social distancing pushes away hugs from the soul

Recently I received a warm hug that lasted for 3 seconds .... It made my heart completely 

jump, 40 metres high

That's when I discovered that the lockdown has done more mental harm than good


Eventually when I got paid by a fifteen minute hug, my world became a jigsaw fit 


Tell someone close to you how much you need a hug

Exercise, talk to someone, eat mood-boasting foods and listen to the music of your taste


Let me keep my hugs for my family members whom I am not with.... if possible let my hug

give birth to a plethora of kisses, and the world will be a better place

Stay Safe!


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