by Prossy

Hmmm!  I can't believe it, the way I woke up and opened the curtains only to see the horrible weather smiling at me.  I make a gloomy face and I tell it, 'I dislike you and I hate you'.  There  are days when I strongly dislike everything and I mean EVERYTHING from the way I wake up to the sunlight outside.

From the way I brush my teeth, the way I sing in my bathroom while bathing and by the way I prepare my breakfast, get dressed, make my bed and take medication, it's clear that I dislike the weather..... I think you get the picture of my dislike season.

And it seems to me my dislike is for no reason.

Once in a while, I feel I don't belong her but it obviously helps to know where I belong.  Our immediate discomfort always feels so wrong, aren't we all meant to get along?' 'I dislike you when you pretend to be a lovely day, I dislike it when you smile in the morning', I say.

Oh my God, this weather!

'I dislike the way you appear

I dislike the way you dress

I dislike the way you smell

I dislike the way you look messy

I dislike the wavy you tease, disorganise, take time,

Have I ever hurt you, hit you, made you cry, scream?

Have I given you s..t that screws up your life like drugs or Alcohol that make you so high you become horrible to me? Have I ever done something to make you want to spoil my day?

Do I dislike you? YES! Have I made you lonely? HOPELESS? No!'

Oh, how I dislike you, poor ugly weather!

Please make everything lively, make the flowers blossom, make the air fresh, make the grass calm,

make the leaves of the trees not fall, make the sunshine bright .....

Then I will like you'


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