In This New Land I Had Found A Lover

by Hajra

No ship could encapsulate the feeling on leaving your home,

Travelling from one world into another that you could only now reach from a phone.

I remember the first day I came,

I had reached a land I didn’t know I could ever claim.

I had walked down the new street,

So far that I couldn’t feel my feet.

It was a chilly day in spring,

And I sat in the park on a swing.

The leaves were slowly coming back to life,

And the smell of freshly cut grass was rife.

I looked at the lively city in front of me,

Thinking about what my life would now be.

Now I sat in the exact same spot,

With three years of experience that I had now got.

I recall the moment very vividly,

When the sun had sat quietly.

The silence was loud,

And the moon shone proud.

I had realised that I had now started to call this place home,

And I no longer felt alone.

I made new friends,

Who were all gems.

I had left my home to find another,

And in this new land I had become a lover.









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