by Alicja
She woke me up with her gratitude for conversation: ‘Thank you for talking to me’. She said to be. As if a conversation was a gift That to migrants is never given for free. I knew how trap she felt In words that wouldn’t go How lonely and how hurt Because they wouldn’t flow. ‘Your past doesn’t count When you are here What you worked on before Has little or no memory And it is difficult to start again To start from scratch And be for new people Without a breath to catch.’ Being in a new country Among the people that she didn’t know A simple chat felt like a gift That one just couldn’t throw. I knew she needed time I knew she needed patience To raise above her fears She needed questions and my ears. She had to escape her place of safety Brave the wildness Forget about the loved ones that she left behind Forget about the life that she built elsewhere As if the hands that she used to have Had also to stay there. ‘Am I allowed to work here On things that really count? Am I allowed to be myself? And make the world unbound? Can I fight for justice? Can I speak my mind? I haven’t done this for a while. I’ve been feeling like a fly. That stays on the wall And just sits there And does nothing. Can I be myself? And bring the world my *grafik? I want to share myself Talk through the joys and through the pain Wouldn’t it be lovely for all of us to start Talking in a manner That brings us together Rather than sets us apart.’ ‘Thank you for talking to me’. She said to be. I saw a friend in her; Infinitely Luxury. *grafik – Polish for ‘schedule’


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